Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy, Annual Conference 2013

The Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy is holding its Annual Conference for  2013 in Miami on August 1 to 3. It looks like a most interesting conference coming at a time when the economic reform process is solidifying and evolving in new directions.

The program has been put together by Jorge Pérez-López, who has performed this task for the last 23 years! The program includes a large number of Cuban analysts from the Island who are now free to travel from their country when they decide. Among the Cuban invitees are Armando Nova of the Centro de Estudios sobre la Economia Cubana of the University of Havana, and Oscar Espinosa Chepe, an independent analyst.

Jorge Pérez-López

The complete program plus info on registration is available here:

ASCE Conference 2013 Preliminary Program: Reforming Cuba?   ASCE 2013 program.

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