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Published 1:15 PM ET Fri, 19 Jan 2018, The Associated Press

Original article: Tourism Booming In Cuba

  • 2017 was a record year for Cuban tourism, with 4.7 million visitors pumping more than $3 billion into the island’s otherwise struggling economy.
  • But the tourism dollars from big-spending Americans seem to be heading into Cuba’s state sector and away from private business.
  • That’s largely due to tougher Trump policy requiring “people-to-people” travel to take place only in tour groups, which depend largely on Cuban government transportation and guides.

On a sweltering early summer afternoon in Miami’s Little Havana, President Donald Trump told a cheering Cuban-American crowd that he was rolling back some of Barack Obama‘s opening to Cuba in order to starve the island’s military-run economy of U.S. tourism dollars and ratchet up pressure for regime change.

That doesn’t appear to be happening. Travel to Cuba is booming from dozens of countries, including the U.S. And the tourism dollars from big-spending Americans seem to be heading into Cuba’s state sector and away from private business, according to Cuban state figures, experts and private business people themselves.

The government figures show that 2017 was a record year for tourism, with 4.7 million visitors pumping more than $3 billion into the island’s otherwise struggling economy. The number of American travelers rose to 619,000, more than six times the pre-Obama level. But amid the boom — an 18 percent increase over 2016 — owners of private restaurants and bed-and-breakfasts are reporting a sharp drop-off.

“There was an explosion of tourists in the months after President Obama’s detente announcement. They were everywhere!” said Rodolfo Morales, a retired government worker who rents two rooms in his home for about $30 a night. “Since then, it’s fallen off.”

The ultimate destination of American tourism spending in Cuba seems an obscure data point, but it’s highly relevant to a decades-old goal of American foreign policy — encouraging change in Cuba’s single-party, centrally planned system. For more than 50 years, Washington sought to strangle nearly all trade with the island in hopes of spurring economic collapse. Obama changed that policy to one of promoting engagement as a way of strengthening a Cuban private sector that could grow into a middle class empowered to demand reform.

Cuba’s tourism boom began shortly after Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro announced in December 2014 that their countries would re-establish diplomatic relations and move toward normalization. U.S. cruise ships began docking in the Bay of Havana and U.S. airlines started regular flights to cities across the island. Overall tourism last year was up 56 percent over Cuba’s roughly 3 million visitors in 2014.

While the U.S. prohibits tourism to Cuba, Americans can travel here for specially designated purposes like religious activity or the vaguely defined category of “people-to-people” cultural interaction.

Obama allowed individuals to participate in “people-to-people” activities outside official tour groups. Hundreds of thousands of Americans responded by designing their own Cuban vacations without fear of government penalties. Since Cuba largely steers tour groups to government-run facilities, Americans traveling on their own became a vital market for the island’s private entrepreneurs, hotly desired for their free spending, heavy tipping and a desire to see a “real” Cuba beyond all-inclusive beach resorts and quick stops on tour buses. The surge helped travel-related businesses maintain their role as by far the most successful players in Cuba’s small but growing private sector.

Trump’s new policy re-imposed the required for “people-to-people” travel to take place only in tour groups, which depend largely on Cuban government transportation and guides.

As a result, many private business people are seeing so many fewer Americans that it feels like their numbers are dropping, even though the statistics say otherwise.

“Tourism has grown in Cuba, with the exception of American tourism,” said Nelson Lopez, a private tour guide. “But I’m sure that sometime soon they’ll be back.”

While Trump’s new rules didn’t take effect until November, their announcement in June led to an almost immediate slackening in business from individual Americans, many Cuban entrepreneurs say. The situation was worsened by Hurricane Irma striking Cuba’s northern coast in September and by a Cuban government freeze on new licenses for businesses including restaurants and bed-and-breakfasts. Cuban officials say the freeze was needed to control tax evasion, purchase of stolen state goods and other illegality in the private sector, but it’s had the effect of further restricting private-sector activity in the wake of Trump’s policy change.

Cuban state tourism officials did not respond to requests for comment.

Trump’s policy changes did not touch flights or cruise ships. Jose Luis Perello, a tourism expert at the University of Havana, said more than 541,000 cruise ship passengers visited Cuba in 2017, compared with 184,000 the previous year. Even as entrepreneurs see fewer American clients, many of those cruise passengers are coming from the United States, he said.

Yunaika Estanque, who runs a three-room bed-and-breakfast overlooking the Bay of Havana, says she has been able to weather a sharp drop in American guests because a British tour agency still sends her clients, but things still aren’t good.

“Without a doubt our best year was 2016, before the Trump presidency,” she said. “I’ve been talking with other bed-and-breakfast owners and they’re in bad shape.”

A Great Casa Particular, my Home for Cuba visits from 1997 to 2017, undoubtedly still thriving due to its excellence.

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During the presidency of Raúl Castro, Cuba has dramatically reformed its policies toward small private enterprises. Archibald Ritter and Ted Henken consider why—and to what effect.

After reviewing the evolution of policy since 1959, the authors contrast the approaches of Fidel and Raúl Castro and explore in depth the responses of Cuban entrepreneurs to the new environment. Their work, rich in ethnographic research and extensive interviews, provides a revealing analysis of Cuba’s fledgling private sector.


 Archibald R.M. Ritter is distinguished research professor of economics and international  affairs at Carleton University.

Ted A. Henken is associate professor of sociology and Latin American studies at Baruch College, CUNY.


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  • The Small-Enterprise Sector.
  • Revolutionary Trajectories and Strategic Shifts, 1959–1990.
  • The “Special Period,” 1990–2006.
  • Policy Reform Under Raúl Castro, 2006–2014.
  • The Movement Toward Non-Agricultural Cooperatives.
  • The Underground Economy.
  • The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of the Paladar, 1993–2013.
  • The Future of Small Enterprise in Cuba.
  • Appendix 1: Timeline of Small Enterprise Under the Revolution.
  • Appendix 2: 201 Legalized Self-Employment Occupations.

Lynne Rienner Publisher’s page on Entrepreneurial Cuba:

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News and Articles, May 30 – June 5, 2011

The Voice of Russia, May 31: Oil matters more tan communism

Cuba Standard.Com, May 31: Gran Caribe merging two hotels

El Nuevo Herald, 31 de mayo: Empresarios exiliados dispuestos a invertir en Cuba con respaldo legal

LAHT, May 31: Cuban Government Daily Rails Against Bureaucracy

Granma, 31 de mayo: Pensar y actuar en correspondencia con el escenario concreto

BBC, May 30: Cuba battles worsening drought (video):

Palabra Nueva, mayo: No es fácil cambiar, pero lo hice, 30 de mayo: Cuba to Build New Oil Refinery

Calgary Herald, May 30: Oil find could end Cuba trade embargo

Granma, 30 de mayo: Siete pilares para vender alimentos

Cubanet, 30 de mayo: Lectores y cuentapropistas

Granma, 30 de mayo: Muebles sanitarios y azulejos acumulados

Diario de Cuba, 30 de mayo: Expertos: El aumento del nivel del mar es la principal amenaza para Cuba

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News and Articles, May 23 – 29, 2011

Havana Times, May 29: Reading Cuba’s New Reform Guidelines (I)

Diario de Cuba, 29 de mayo: Entre la espada y la pared

The Miami Herald, May 29: 50 years after Trujillo’s death, Dominican Republic thrives as Cuba languishes

Globe and Mail, May 28: Landing on the green in Castro’s Cuba

AP, May 27: Cuba announces tax break for private business

El Nuevo Herald, 27 de mayo: Promueven ley contra empresas
que ayuden a Cuba

Cubanet, 27 de mayo: Levantar cabeza

El País, 27 de mayo: El Congreso del PCC y la economía cubana

EFE, 27 de mayo: Cuba autoriza más capacidad a “paladares” y estimula contratación de empleados

Café Fuerte, 27 de mayo: Censo 2010: 1.8 millones de cubanos viven en EE.UU.

China Daily, May 27: Chinese VP to visit Italy, Cuba, Uruguay, Chile

Cubanet, 27 de mayo: Crisis de agua

Radio Martí, 26 de mayo: Cuba, oportunidad para mercados mayoristas

Reuters, 26 de mayo: Cuba alista geólogos ante inminente perforación crudo en Golfo

El Nuevo Herald, 26 de mayo: Publican en España libro sobre inversiones en la isla

El Nuevo Herald, 26 de mayo: Construyen primer edificio “ahorrador” con apoyo de Noruega y la ONU

IPS, May 25: Rainy Season Off to a Poor Start

Cubaencuentro, 25 de mayo: ¿Actualizando la actualización?

El Nuevo Herald, 25 de mayo: Raúl Castro sustituye al ministro de Comercio Interior y nombra a una mujer

Havana Times, May 25: Cuba Receives Some Much Needed Water

The New York Times, May 24: Revolutionary Cuba Now Lays Sand Traps for the Bourgeoisie

Reuters, May 24: New entrepreneurs on the rise in socialist Cuba

LAHT, May 24: Mexican Agriculture Secretary Leads Trade Mission to Cuba

Havana Times, May 24: A Look at Cuba’s Railroad System

Bloomberg Businessweek, May 23: Cuba: 1K shops freely selling building materials

Café Fuerte, 23 de mayo: La guayaba de cartón: pasta dental con aire … y alégrate

IPS, 23 de mayo: Moderado inicio de temporada lluviosa

Cubanet, 23 de mayo: Dificultades a granel

Granma, 23 de mayo: En sus marcas, listos … ¿dónde están los materiales?

Cubaencuentro, 23 de mayo: Cuba registra sismo de de 3,2 grados


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News and Articles, May 16 – 22, 2011

La Jornada, 22 de mayo: Cuba ¿profundizar el socialismo?

INS Online, May 22: Cuban Envoy offers help to Pakistan in the area of bio-technology

The Miami Herald, May 22: New US rules promise legal Cuba travel for many

Juventud Rebelde, 22 de mayo: Agua que no cae del cielo

Diario de Cuba, 21 de mayo: Menos carne y leche

Cuba Standard, May 21: Mexican agribusiness delegation in Cuba

Café Fuerte, 21 de mayo: Más de 309 mil cubanos ejercen ya como trabajadores privados

Keys Net, May 21: Clinton’s help sought in stopping Cuba oil drilling south of the Keys, slated to start in September

Granma, 21 de mayo: Lo económico y los cambios de mentalidad en los métodos y estilos de trabajo: columna vertebral del análisis

Cuba Headlines, May 21: Cuba Latest Hot Spot  for Tourism

Antigua Observer, May 21: PM Spencer on oficial visit to Caricom, Cuba

Diario Vasco, 20 de mayo: Cuba actualizará sistema tributario de acuerdo con nuevas reformas económicas

Western Farm Press, May 20: Expanded U.S. farm exports to Cuba on horizon

Financial Times, May 20: Cuba cracks down on “Guayabera” crime

Havana Times, May 20: Cuba’s Reforms and Worker Participation

Cuba Headlines, May 20: Business Opportunities in Cuba Explored in London

Cuba Standard.Com, May 20: Gold mine in Eastern Cuba to re-open

El Universal, May 19: USD 1.69 billion of Fonden has gone to plans with Cuba

Cuba Standard. Com, May 19: Nickel price rally stalls, Outlook down

Examiner. Com, May 19: Senate Democrats: OK for Cuba to drill in Gulf, but not U.S.

Cuba Standard.Com, May 19: Keystone project of big wáter system completed in time

ONE, mayo: Inversiones en cifras. Cuba 2010

Diario de Cuba, 19 de mayo: El régimen ha recortado drásticamente las inversiones en educación y salud desde 2005

El Nuevo Herald, 19 de mayo: Pozos de aguas profundas de Cuba pueden sextuplicar producción de petróleo

Cubaencuentro, 18 de mayo: Cuba, catástrofe demográfica

Cubanet, 18 de mayo: Sin motivos para celebrar

Bloomberg, May 18: Cuba Deep Water Wells May Boost Oil Output Six-Fold, Pinon Says

Diario de Cuba, 18 de mayo: Tribunal de UE rechaza un recurso de Habanos S. A. que pedía anular la marca Kiowa

Reuters, May 17: Cuban oil rig set to cause waves in Washington

Cuba Headlines, May 17: Cuba and Norway Sign Cooperation Agreements

Cuba Standard, May 17: Cuban crewmen safe after sinking

Granma, 17 de mayo: Celebrada reunión del Consejo de Ministros

Diario de Cuba, 17 de mayo: El problema agrario

Cubaencuentro, 17 de mayo: ¿Qué pasó con la participación de los trabajadores en el VI Congreso?

AOL, 17 de mayo: Erario cubano comienza a ver resultados de reformas

Cubaencuentro, 17 de mayo: Semanario oficialista dice que los cuentapropistas se unen a sindicatos

DPA, 16 de mayo: Cuba intenta despedir a sus funcionarios sin dejar a nadie ‘desamparado”

Reuters, May 16: Cuba further loosens regulations for private sector

The New York Times, May 16: Oil Spill Panel’s Chairman Says His Push for Cuba Talks Irked Obama Admin

The Sacramento Bee, 16 de mayo: Initial interest in Cuba’s economic roadmap quickly turns to indifference

Diario de Cuba, 16 de mayo: Campesinos privados piden eliminar el monopolio estatal del comercio agrícola


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News and Articles, May 9 – 15, 2011

El Universal, 15 de mayo: México resana nexo comercial con Cuba

AP, May 15: New rules usher in a tasty comeback for Cuban food

El Nuevo Herald, 14 de mayo: Hoja de ruta económica crea muchas dudas

El Nuevo Herald, 14 de mayo: Decrece la población cubana en el 2010

AP, 14 de mayo: Florecen los restaurantes privados en Cuba

Cubaencuentro, 14 de mayo: “Habrá hasta barcos y cruceros que vincularán” Cuba y México, dice Alarcón

Sun Sentinel, May 13: Cuba explains offshore drilling plan,0,4120791.story

NPR, May 13: Cuba’s Hunt For Oil Raises Questions For The US

The Guatemala Times, May 12: Has Cuba Lost its Last Chance?

El Nuevo Herald, 12 de mayo: Divorcios en Cuba se han triplicado en últimas décadas

Café Fuerte, 12 de mayo: Censo: Hay 1.2 millones de cubanos en la Florida

The Miami Herald, May 12: Black economist says Cuba needs affirmative action

Blog de Esteban Morales, 9 de mayo: Frente a los retos del color como parte del debate por el socialismo

IPS, May 11: A Sugar Boost for the Cuban Economy

Juventud Rebelde, 11 de mayo: Para solidificar el control económico

Cubanet, 11 de mayo: Venturas y desventuras del turismo

Stabroek News, May 11: Cuba’s development after the Congress

Radio Cadena Agramonte, May 10:  Cuba Fosters Export of Goods and Services to South Africa

Reuters, May 10: Cuba to outline oil plans at drilling conference

Cuba Standard, May 10: Imperial reports rise in Habanos sales

Café Fuerte, 10 de mayo: 30 medidas que impactarán la vida de los cubanos

The New York Times, May 10: Cuban Government Outlines Steps Toward a Freer Market

Jamaica Observer, May 10: Cuba publishes awaited details of economic changes

Cubadebate, 10 de mayo de 2011: Información sobre el resultado del Debate sobre los Lineamientos de la Política económica y Social del Partido y la Revolución

Cubadebate, 10 de mayo: Lineamientos de la Política económica y Social del Partido y la Revolución. Aprobado el 18 de abril de 2011. VI Congreso del PCC

The Miami Herald, May 9: Cuba publishes list of proposed economic changes, May 9: Cuba releases vague guidelines for economic changes that will allow prívate property sales

AP, May 9: Cuba publishes awaited details of economic changes

NPR, May 9: Cuba’s Hunt For Oil Raises Questions For US


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News and Articles, May 2 – 8, 2011

Neo Club Press, 8 de mayo: Aumenta costo de la vida en Cuba

Havana Times, May 7: Changes in Cuba Leave Root Problems Intact

Café Fuerte, 7 de mayo: La Cuba que viene en camino

Reuters, May 7: Cuba to finally unveil Communist-approved reforms

Havana Times, May 7: Criminalization of the Internet in Cuba

The Economist, May 6: Corruption in Cuba: The cleanup continues

Europa Press, 6 de mayo: Cuba continúa la supervisión del control interno en el sector empresarial

Reuters, 6 de mayo: Cuba presenta un fármaco de veneno de alacrán contra el cáncer

Café Fuerte, 6 de mayo: Frustran contrabando de Viagra y Cialis con destino a Cuba

El Mercurio, 6 de mayo: El modelo económico cubano se agotó hace 20 años

Gazettetnet.Com, May 6: Loans, taxes may prove daunting for Cuba economic reforms

Havana Journal, May 6: Corruption in Cuba: Greed or just survival?

Cuba Standard, May 5: Santiago shipyard launches vessel

Temas, enero-marzo de 2011: El Período Especial veinte años después

El Nuevo Herald, 5 de mayo: Los cambios no avanzan

The Miami Herald, May 5: A sacked minister and a Chilean trader are sentenced to prison on corruption charges

Global Post, May 5: Cuba: Catching kleptocrats

Cubanet, 5 de mayo: ¿Cambios en la planificación?

El Nuevo Herald, 5 de mayo: Zafra 2010-2011 supera discreto plan de producción

ACN, May 5: Cuba will not Reduce Prices of Tourist Offers, Says Minister

The Miami Herald, May 4: Eager to modernize its army, Cuba invites Russia to share in profits from oil venture

The Miami Herald, May 4: Cuba seeks investors to build golf courses

Diario de Cuba, 4 de mayo: Ministro dice que Cuba es ‘el tercer destino del Caribe insular’

Msnbc. Com, May 4: Cubans take baby steps to reform –and hope they don’t trip up

Cuba Standard, May 3: Cuba survives global recession without tourism rebates

Bloomberg, May 3:  Cuba puts peas in the coffee again

Cuba Standard, May 3: US, Cuban experts to discuss oil safety at conference

Generation Y, May 3: Cashews: The Forbidden Fruit of the Socialist Paradise

The Miami Herald, May 3: Coffee-and peas-blend back on ration card

El Nuevo Herald, 3 de mayo: Dedican a México Feria Internacional de Turismo

Diario de Cuba, 3 de mayo: México también quiere entrar en el negocio de los campos de golf

El Nuevo Herald, 2 de mayo: Peces corruptos

Cubanet, 2 de mayo: La tierra es solo para los revolucionarios

EFE, 2 de mayo: Feria Internacional de Turismo apuesta por impulsar el sector


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News and Articles, April 25 – May 1, 2011

May 1: Cuba touts economic reforms at May Day parade

AFP, May 1: Cubans mark May Day, await details of change

El Nuevo Herald, 30 de abril: Impopular medida frena la crisis demográfica en la isla

Cuba Standard, April 29: India seeking more sports cooperation

Cuba Standard, April 29: Tourism minister pressing for performance pay

Cubanet, 29 de abril: Aumentan precios en el mercado mundial

El Nuevo Herald, 29 de abril: Funcionarios de la industria tabacalera acusados de corrupción

Reuters, April 28: Cuban inventor turns trash into farm tools

The Economist, April 28: Smoked out

Cuba Standard, April 28: C&T expanding Cuba charter routes

Cubanet, 28 de abril: Crisis en círculos infantiles

Notimex, 27 de abril: Compartirán México y Cuba experiencias en turismo

Cuba Standard, April 27: Piñón on Energy: $4 bln for oil imports – what now?

ACN, April 27: Cuba Optimistic about Boosting Export of Forest Resources

Cuba Standard, April 27: Sherritt profits rise despite flat nickel sales

ACN, April 27: Cuba: Specialists Discuss Negative Efects of Ethanol as Alternmative Fuel

The Gleaner, April 27: A New Cuban Model

Inside Costa Rica, April 27: Significant Growth of South American Tourists to Cuba

Globe & Mail, April 27: Castro brothers still play the ‘socialist’ card

Cuba Standard, April 26: China to buy more sugar, but not from Cuba

Reuters, April 26: Cuba adjusts plans amid price hikes, weather fears

The Miami Herald, April 26: Loans and taxes may prove daunting for Cuba economic reforms

El Nuevo Herald, 26 de abril: Instan a privados a desfilar en desfile

Havana Times, April 26: Cuba’s Military with Unprecedented Power

Los Angeles Times, April 26: Cuba’s next revolution,0,3224829.story?track=rss

Prensa Latina, 26 de abril: Cuba prevé recuperar producción de cacao en 2015

The Vancouver Sun, April 26: Cuba plans parade backing reforms

IPS, 26 de abril: Profesionales en espera de su oportunidad

Cubanet, 26 de abril: Detenidos funcionarios de la Dirección de la Vivienda en Holguín

COHA, April 25: Press Release: Cuba Champions its New Direction, But Only to an Extent

The Miami Herald, April 25: A blogger’s notes: Perestroika revisited

Havana Times, April 25: Silent Is Consent

Cubaencuentro, April 25: Al combate corred, generales

El Nuevo Herald, 25 de abril: ¿La ilusión para qué?

Café Fuerte, 25 de abril: Gobierno reforzará controles internos en centros de trabajo

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News and Articles, April 18 – 24, 2011

The Miami Herald, April 24: Surprise audits set for  750 state companies

Calgary Herald, April 24: Full circle for Cuba’s revolution

El País, 24 de abril: Alta Fidel-idad

Winnipeg Free Press, April 23: In a nutshell / Cuba’s revolution hasn’t found fountain of youth

The Miami Herald, April 23: Cuba’s future? One view from Moscow

Diario de Cuba, 22 de abril: El Ministerio del Azúcar dice que producirá 40.000 toneladas por encima de su plan

Granma, 22 de abril: Aumento de incendios forestales

El País, 22 de abril: El VI Congreso y sus barreras infranqueables

Cuba Standard, April 21: Spanish company announces mega golf resort project

Cuba Standard, April 21: New OFAC guidelines encourage funding of prívate business

Reuters, 21 de abril: China se compromete a apoyar Cuba en camino reformas económicas

Maritime Matters, April 21: Cruises to Cuba coming?

LAHT, April 21: U.S. Issues New Rules for Travel to Cuba

Global Issues, April 21: Cuba: How Radical Will The Changes Be?

Ottawa, Citizen, April 21: Good riddance, Fidel

LAHT, April 21: Raul Castro Must Still Heed Fidel, Chinese Analyst Says

Cubanet, 21 de abril: ¿Havana? Club

The Miami Herald, April 20: Cuba’s regime buys time for aging leaders

The Economist, April 20: The start of a long, slow goodbye

The Guardian, April 20: Cuba’s theatre of the absurd

El Nuevo Herald, 20 de abril: Impuestos discriminatorios

Cubanet, 20 de abril: No hay pesos cubanos

Solvision, April 19: Cuba Meets 2010-2011 Sugar Production Plan

LAHT, April 19: Raul Castro Vows No Capitalism in Cuba

Generation Y, April 19: In His Own Way

Reuters, April 19: Cuban communists opt for old guard to lead party

El País, 19 de abril: El Partido Comunista de Cuba elige a Raúl Castro como primer secretario

Eldiariomontanes, 19 de abrilo: El régimen cubano permitirá la compraventa de viviendas para impulsar la economía

EFE, 19 de abril: China da su apoyo a las reformas iniciadas por Cuba

Cubaverdad, April 19: Cuba calls agricultural leasing program a big success

Reuters, April 18: Cuban communists aprove landmark econ reforms

Diario de Cuba, 18 de abril: El VI Congreso analiza con qué cocinan los cubanos

Granma, 18 de abril: Indispensable cumplir el proceso de contratación

Granma, 18 de abril: Gasto social con sentido común

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News and Articles, April 11 – 17, 2011

Granma International, April 17: Central Report to the 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba

AP, 17 de abril: Cuba, reformas sí pero no acumulación de propiedad

El País, 17 de abril: Raúl Castro pone firme al Partido Comunista

Gulf Oil Spill, April 17: Cuba explores for oil as US watches

Diario de Cuba, 17 de abril: Ejecutivo cree que el aumento de los viajes a Cuba ‘no es malo para Puerto Rico’

Reuters, April 16: Cuba to consider term limits for leaders: Castro

The Washington Post, April 16: Soldiers, children parade as Cuba opens Communist Party talks against nationalist backdrop

Europa Press, 16 de abril: Cuba comienza un debate histórico sobre las reformas económicas y sociales

The Miami Herald, April 16: Commodities Price Surge Boosts Cuba’s Food-Import Bill

BBC Mundo, 16 de abril: Cuba: ¿”internacionalismo proletario” o exportación de profesionales?

The Miami Herald, April 15: Critical Communist Party Congress begins Satuday in Cuba

The Guardian, April 15: Fifty years after the Bay of Pigs, Cuba is a long way from its socialist revolution

International Republican Institute, April 15: Cuban Public Opinion Survey

The Miami Herald, April 15: Granma: State spends more to subsidize food, so local producers most do their part

Granma, 15 de abril: El país tendrá que pagar más por importar lo mismo

BBC Mundo, 15 de abril: Cuba: ¿burócratas contra la burocracia?

NPR, April 15: Real Estate, Auto Markets Drive Reform Talk In Cuba

AlJazeera, April 15: Cuba’s party congress: The road to reform?

Cuba Standard, April 15: Citrus groves in Cubitas to expand

The Wall Street Journal, April 14: Cuba’s Deep-Water Drilling Proposal Raises Concern

Cuba Standard, April 14: Party congress filling gaps of economic reform puzzle

Havana Times, April 14: Cuba’s Clock Is Ticking Away

El Boletín, 14 de abril: Cuba camina hacia la unificación monetaria, según los expertos

Café Fuerte, 14 de abril: EEUU excluye a Cuba de foro sobre riesgos de exploración petrolera

BBC, April 14: Cuba faces its worst drought for 50 years

Diario de Cuba, 13 de abril: Ciudad sedienta

Reuters, April 13: Cuba’s Communist Party looks to future

Reuters, April 13: Chronology: Raul Castro’s road to reform in Cuba

Havana Times, April 13: Cuba’s Youth, As Diverse as the Times

Cubaencuentro, 13 de abril: “Granma” culpa a las empresas de la ineficacia económica

Granma, 13 de abril: A la empresa lo que es de ella, y a la función estatal lo suyo

Diario de Cuba, 13 de abril: Amplían el aeropuerto de Varadero ante la previsión del aumento turístico

IPS, 13 de abril: Horizonte juvenil incierto

Reuters, April 12: Cubans hope party congress may loosen home, car sales

Granma, 12 de abril: En La Habana: Abasto de agua puede complicarse más

IANS, April 12: Cuba expects to sell four million cases of rum in 2011

Cubanet, 12 de abril: Con esos precios no se puede
Xinhua, April 11: Cuba reports 1 mln tourists in Q1

Diario de Cuba, 11 de abril: Expertos, empresarios y juristas presentan en Madrid un plan para una economía ‘libre, justa y solidaria’

Los retos de la economía cubana en el siglo XXI: Hacia una economía libre, justa y solidaria

Cubaencuentro, 11 de abril: Petróleo a la vista

Diario de Cuba, 11 de abril: Nuevas legislaciones: ¿leyes para una clase?

Havana Times, April 11: Self-employed Work in Cuba (Part II):

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