Information on Project: “Socially Responsible Enterprise, Local Development in Cuba”

Attached here is information on a project on “Socially Responsible Enterprise, Local Development in Cuba”.

A variety of institutions are involved in the consortium for this  project including
• Fundación AVINA
• Center for the Study of the Cuban Economy (CEEC)
• The Christopher Reynolds Foundation
• Environmental Defense Fund
• Forum Empresa
• Fundación de Ecología y Desarrollo
• Green Cities Fund
• National Association of Economists and Accountants
of Cuba (ANEC)
• The University of Havana

Additional support has come from

• The Canadian Embassy Fund for Local Initiatives
• Dalhousie University
• The Ford Foundation
• Halloran Philanthropies
• Havanada
• Instituto Ethos
• The International Development Resource Centre
• National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP)
• United Nations Development Program, Cuba Office

The fulld project description is here: Socially Responsible Enterprise UPDATE ENGLISH FINAL 12_2012.


After years of experimentation, learning and successful cases in a variety of industries, socially responsible enterprise has made its way from the margins to the mainstream throughout the world. New ways of understanding the role of the private sector in society have emerged while businesses are increasingly being called upon to account for their effect on the environment and communities in which they operate. Through responsible enterprise, innovative models are being developed that produce positive environmental and social outcomes and offer new, sustainable solutions to many of today!s largest challenges. An early adopter of these types of models, Latin America can look to 15 years of experimentation in the field with best practices and replicable models now readily available. !

Since the end of 2010, a consortium of Cuban and international organizations has worked toward the creation of a dialogue on the potential for socially responsible enterprise (SRE) in Cuba. Academics, government officials and other groups in Cuba have engaged in dynamic exchanges with cutting edge Latin American firms and organizations working in the socially responsible enterprise space. Over the past two years, we have initiated and executed a series of highly successful programs including educational visits, conferences and workshops, and in the process, have helped strengthen Cuba’s links with other Latin American nations.

The initiative has been well received within Cuba, generating enthusiasm among important actors on the island as well as grounds for future, locally spearheaded activity. This series of programs has also helped coordinate efforts among a variety of groups involved in economic planning in Cuba. Today, this enthusiasm and coordination is being translated into actionable plans by key decision makers on the island.

Contact: Dr. Julia Sagebien,

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