News and Articles, April 11 – 17, 2011

Granma International, April 17: Central Report to the 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba

AP, 17 de abril: Cuba, reformas sí pero no acumulación de propiedad

El País, 17 de abril: Raúl Castro pone firme al Partido Comunista

Gulf Oil Spill, April 17: Cuba explores for oil as US watches

Diario de Cuba, 17 de abril: Ejecutivo cree que el aumento de los viajes a Cuba ‘no es malo para Puerto Rico’

Reuters, April 16: Cuba to consider term limits for leaders: Castro

The Washington Post, April 16: Soldiers, children parade as Cuba opens Communist Party talks against nationalist backdrop

Europa Press, 16 de abril: Cuba comienza un debate histórico sobre las reformas económicas y sociales

The Miami Herald, April 16: Commodities Price Surge Boosts Cuba’s Food-Import Bill

BBC Mundo, 16 de abril: Cuba: ¿”internacionalismo proletario” o exportación de profesionales?

The Miami Herald, April 15: Critical Communist Party Congress begins Satuday in Cuba

The Guardian, April 15: Fifty years after the Bay of Pigs, Cuba is a long way from its socialist revolution

International Republican Institute, April 15: Cuban Public Opinion Survey

The Miami Herald, April 15: Granma: State spends more to subsidize food, so local producers most do their part

Granma, 15 de abril: El país tendrá que pagar más por importar lo mismo

BBC Mundo, 15 de abril: Cuba: ¿burócratas contra la burocracia?

NPR, April 15: Real Estate, Auto Markets Drive Reform Talk In Cuba

AlJazeera, April 15: Cuba’s party congress: The road to reform?

Cuba Standard, April 15: Citrus groves in Cubitas to expand

The Wall Street Journal, April 14: Cuba’s Deep-Water Drilling Proposal Raises Concern

Cuba Standard, April 14: Party congress filling gaps of economic reform puzzle

Havana Times, April 14: Cuba’s Clock Is Ticking Away

El Boletín, 14 de abril: Cuba camina hacia la unificación monetaria, según los expertos

Café Fuerte, 14 de abril: EEUU excluye a Cuba de foro sobre riesgos de exploración petrolera

BBC, April 14: Cuba faces its worst drought for 50 years

Diario de Cuba, 13 de abril: Ciudad sedienta

Reuters, April 13: Cuba’s Communist Party looks to future

Reuters, April 13: Chronology: Raul Castro’s road to reform in Cuba

Havana Times, April 13: Cuba’s Youth, As Diverse as the Times

Cubaencuentro, 13 de abril: “Granma” culpa a las empresas de la ineficacia económica

Granma, 13 de abril: A la empresa lo que es de ella, y a la función estatal lo suyo

Diario de Cuba, 13 de abril: Amplían el aeropuerto de Varadero ante la previsión del aumento turístico

IPS, 13 de abril: Horizonte juvenil incierto

Reuters, April 12: Cubans hope party congress may loosen home, car sales

Granma, 12 de abril: En La Habana: Abasto de agua puede complicarse más

IANS, April 12: Cuba expects to sell four million cases of rum in 2011

Cubanet, 12 de abril: Con esos precios no se puede
Xinhua, April 11: Cuba reports 1 mln tourists in Q1

Diario de Cuba, 11 de abril: Expertos, empresarios y juristas presentan en Madrid un plan para una economía ‘libre, justa y solidaria’

Los retos de la economía cubana en el siglo XXI: Hacia una economía libre, justa y solidaria

Cubaencuentro, 11 de abril: Petróleo a la vista

Diario de Cuba, 11 de abril: Nuevas legislaciones: ¿leyes para una clase?

Havana Times, April 11: Self-employed Work in Cuba (Part II):

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  1. Regarding the impact of new US economic measures on the Cuban economy, it might be interesting to take into account the freezes, the raised tax, and large penalties imposed by the Cuban government in arbitrary fashion on small private Cuban business:
    Have you read about NEP or about similar previous attempts to develop a small private business in the Soviet Union and the same in Castro’s Cuba in late 90s and have you learned what happened to those first entrepreneurs? Their experience is currently has been repeated in Cuba. I would be happy to share some of their experiences with you (at least of those people whom I knew personally) if you are interested.

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