Cuba, Spring 2010 037Apartments, from La Rampa and Ave G, Vedado

Cuba, Spring 2010 040Public-Private Partnership! A Private Parking Attendant renting Public Spaces

Cuba, Spring 2010 041Sephardi Synagogue, Vedado

Cuba, Spring 2010 054The Never-Removed Plaque at the East End of the Malecon, Commemorating its Construction in 1901 under the American Occupying Administration

  Cuba, Spring 2010 072Musicians, Plaza de la Catedral

Cuba, Spring 2010 042My Car! (Not)

Cuba, Spring 2010 025Centro Gallego

Cuba, Spring 2010 021Repairing the Lada, One More Time

Cuba, Spring 2010 020Art Market, Saturday, Paseo del Prado

Cuba, Spring 2010 019Edificio Bacardi, Calle Zulueta

Cuba, Spring 2010 018Street Scene, Centro Habana

Cuba, Spring 2010 004Street Market, Ave. Carlos III

Cuba, Spring 2010 002Bicytaxi, Centro Habana

tankFaculty of Law (background), Universwity of Havana

800px-Universidad_de_la_habana_fachadaUniversidad de la Habana

Housing Havana 6Taxi

24327_1371007725639_1545135432_919308_334924_nState Retailer

Picture2dfBarrio Chino

PaladarNew Paladar

Cuba Apr 2012 011Paseo del Prado

Cuba Apr 2012 014Plaza del Cristo

  Cuba Apr 2012 020

Pharmacy Museum

Cuba Apr 2012 026

Plaza Vieja, Reconstructed

Cuba Apr 2012 041

Music, Plaza de Armas

Cuba Apr 2012 054

Cross-Harbour Ferry

Cuba Apr 2012 065Homage to Che, Hopital Calixto Garcia

Cuba Mar 2011 019

Paladar, La Rampa con Avenida de los Presidentes

Cuba Mar 2011 023

Cuba Mar 2011 024 Cuba Mar 2011 025

El Conejito, English-style Restaurant apparently built at the request of Celia Sanchez

Cuba Mar 2011 030

Flamenco Dancer, in the Bar of the Hotel Inglaterra

Cuba Mar 2011 058 Cuba Mar 2011 063Bicytaxi Repairs

Cuba Mar 2011 068

Bed and Breakfast or “Casa Particular” Symbol

Cuba Mar 2011 070

Car Repairs once again

Cuba Mar 2011 079

Iglesia de San Francisco de Asis

Cuba Mar 2011 081

Sugar Mill Engine in Habana Vieja

Cuba Mar 2011 107

Fidel  authorizing Construction of Greek Orthodox Church

Cuba Mar 2011 109

Line-up for US Interest Section

  Cuba Mar 2011 111

US Interest Section and Early Morning Line-up

Cuba Mar 2011 112

Cuba Mar 2011 113

Cementerio de Colon

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