News and Articles on the Cuban Economy, September 20, 2010

Editorial. The Washington Post, September 20: Layoffs in Cuba

CNN, September 20: Want change in Cuba? End U.S. embargo

Granma, 20 de septiembre: Nota Oficial

Café Fuerte, 20 de septiembre: Raúl Castro destituye a ministra de Industria Básica

Reuters, September 19: Cuba fires minister in charge of oil and nickel

La Tercera, 19 de septiembre: Canciller brasileño ofrece a Raúl Castro cooperación en Pymes

The Washington Times, September 19: SANDERS: A Cuban time bomb?

Chicago Tribune, September 19: Cuba and the death of communism,0,4342554.column

The Guardian, September 19: British firms could be first foreigners to buy land in Cuba since revolution

The Gleaner, September 19: Deep roots of Cuba’s dilemma

The Miami Herald, September 19: Ignoring the Cruelty

Juventud Rebelde, 18 de septiembre: Franqueza, racionalidad y transparencia en reajuste laboral

Editorial. Winnipeg Free Press, September 18: ‘Radical’ reforms at last in Cuba

Echo Press, September 18: Peterson, Klobuchar call for increased U.S. food and commodity exports to Cuba

Havana Times, September 17: Will Cuba Surrender to International Capital?

Latin American Herald Tribune, September 17: Economically Beleaguered Cuba Adapting Socialist Model

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