News and Articles on the Cuban Economy, September 16, 2010

Edmonton Journal, September 16: Editorial. Castro still surprises

Generation Y, September 16: The Evil Master

The Miami Herald, September 16: The ‘de-Fidelization’ of Cuba has begun

Diario de Cuba, 16 de septiembre: Cuentapropistas deberán pagar a la seguridad social el 25% de los ingresos

RIA Novosti, September 16: Cuba may link up to Glonass system

AP, September 15: Self-employment key to Cuban economic overhaul

BBC Mundo, 15 de septiembre: ¿A dónde irán los cesantes cubanos?

Cuba Standard.Com, September 15: Sherritt announces dividend

Reuters, September 14: Analysis: Cuba jobs reform brings opportunity and uncertainty

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