Is Cubas Vision of Market Socialism Sustainable_

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  1. Michael Wiggin says:

    Very interesting article by LeoGrande. Cuba is like a living laboratory as it undertakes a transition toward market socialism. The problems of inequality and unequal access to money (e.g. tourist dollars) create many challenges. These seem to be being addressed with less uncertainty than during intermittent reforms during the 1990’s under Fidel. Let us hope reform will come while universal access to health care and education continue. Cuba is an interesting counterpoint to the attempts in the USA to introduce more accessible and affordable health care access and address excessive inequality. Given the historic examples of Spanish and US presence in Cuba, it is understandable that they looked for other options. We may disagree with their choice, but we watch with interest as they seek a better working relationship between private and state roles. I watch with interest and appreciate articles such as this one.

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